Miércoles 29/11/2023
04:18:51 PM

Grand   Master   Daniel   Forcén   Esteban

Daniel Forcén learned to play chess at the age of 7 during his stay in the school "La Salle Montemolín" in Zaragoza, from Pedro Alfredo Llanes. Even when he was young it was easy to spot that he was chosen by the goddess Caissa to reach great goals in our noble art. Within his greatest achievement you can find:

. Champion of Spain School Chess Online 2009, under 16.

. Champion of the Open Casablanca 2011, a tough tournament overall, at the age of 16, around that time, he also managed to get the International Master title and his first Grand Master's norm.

. Champion of Spain's under 18 in 2012.

. Third place in the European under 18 in 2012.

. Champion of Spain's University Tournament 2015.

The aquisition of his third and last Grand Master's norm in the last edition of the tournament Open de Benasque during July makes him the first Aragones to ever achieve that title, the greatest international one can achieve.

His playstyle is solid, with a special sensibility in the management of the initiative and agressive playstyle combined with powerful mix ups. It is also important to add that he has been able to continue studying during this time and nowadays is a student from the Computer Engineering in the Public University in Zaragoza.

Here you can enjoy a sample of his skill

                            Nice Game

                            Nice Combination

                            Nice ending