Miércoles 29/11/2023
04:17:27 PM

Gran Maestro Roberto Cifuentes

Grand Master, born in Santiago de Chile, he has been living here in Aragón from the year 1999.

He dominates every aspect of our sport, being his skill in the late part of the game his greatest strength. An example of this can be found below.

Roberto’s extraordinary achievements:

. Champion of Chile under 18 in 1975.

. Five consecutive times Champion of Chile, from the 1982 to 1986.

. Third place in XXX Memorial Capablanca, 1995, the tournament was won by the Grand Master British Anthony Miles.

. He has taken part in eight Olympic Tournaments: seven times representing Chile and the last one representing Spain.

. Champion of Aragón in 2011.

He has written several chess books and spends his time teaching and preparing young players.

Here you can enjoy a sample of his skill

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