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Maestro  Internacional  Juan  Luis  Ramiro  Ovejero

Juan Luis Ramiro is one of the best players in the history of Aragonese Chess, standing out for his personal qualities and his graciousness in victory and in defeat.

He holds chess dearly, which has allowed him to combine his professional life with the practice and study of his great hobby, chess, progressing constantly. So much so, that their results and achievements are progressively getting better.

Juan Luis learned to move between the subtleties of our exciting game at a very early age, sharing beginnings with the person writing this article, at "Centro Natacion Helios".

To list all his accomplishments would be an arduous task and we will only try to highlight the most relevant ones.

. Champion of Aragon of Chess in 2009.

. Champion of Aragon in teams in several occasions with the Club Jaime Casas.

. Champion of Spain of autonomic selections in the year 2011 in the Aragon chess selection.

. Champion of Spain in teams of Second Category in 2014 as part of the club Jaime Casas.

. Champion of Spain in teamst of first Category in the year 2015 as part of the club Jaime Casas,

. Third place in the championship of Spain in teams of Category of Honor in 2016.

. Second, tied to points with the champion, in the strong international tournament of La Roda in 2017.

He is an International Master and in 2013 he obtained a Grand Master norm, in the same tournament of La Roda.

Here you can enjoy a sample of his skill

                            Nice Game