Miércoles 29/11/2023
04:25:44 PM

Maestro Internacional Joaquín  Miguel  Antolí  Royo

Joaquin Miguel Antoli Royo, also known as Chiqui Antoli, is an International Master, likeable and easy-going, he started playing chess at an early age, when he was 7. His father taught him the movement of the pieces, but what really got him hooked is when he started playing his grandmother. After having lunch at her home they always played a couple of games.

It was by chance that Joaquín and his father, walking down the street, encountered Rafael Pellicer (The organizer during lots of editions of the Rey Ardid tournament, which was on a visit in Alcañiz), who encouraged our protagonist to participate, so he did, and won said tournament. Rafael signed him under the Ibercaja Club… he finally had gotten into the world of chess.

Joaquín stands out for his competitiveness, his prowess during the game and also shows great mental strength when confronted with adversity. He holds a great sense of initiative, a deep understanding of the dynamic aspects of the game and can hold his own with his combination and attack with ease. He has been able to achieve a University degree and then a Master at the same time he grew his skills in chess.

Joaquín’s extraordinary achievements:

. Several times Champion of Aragon in youth categories.

. Second of Spain's Under 18.

. Champion of Aragon in teams in several occasions with Ibercaja and Jaime Casas.

. Champion in the championship of Spain in teams of first Category in the year 2015 as part of the club Jaime Casas.

. Third place in the championship of Spain in teams of Category of Honor in 2016.

. Second of Spain's University Tournament and team gold medal with the UNED.

. Second of Aragón in 2011.

. Second of Spain in teams as part of Aragon.

. He has a Grand Master Norm.

Here you can enjoy a sample of his skill

                            Nice Combination