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International Master Sergio  Garza  Marco

Sergio Garza Marco is part of the elite aragonese chess of the last three decades, born in Zaragoza in 1972, he soon discovered chess and from that moment on it became part of his life.

He is a multifaceted chess player: Teacher (during more than 25 years), disseminator (through conferences and simultaneous), studious and, of course, an outstanding player. Since a very young age he combined playing and teaching alike, in the image attatched to this article we can see Sergio imparting class at “Centro Natacion Helios”, his first club, while he was only a child.


He achieved the title of International Master in 2003. He then got his first Norm of Grand Master at the XXXII International Benasque Open.

Listing all his accomplishments would be an arduous task and we will only try to highlight the most relevant ones.

. Champion Individual of Aragon 8 times. (1997, 2000, 2008, 2010, 2015, 2016 and 2017). The only player to achieve this, no doubt about it.

. Champion of Aragón in teams several times.

. Champion of Spain of Autonomic Selections in the year 2011 with Aragon, last year that was made.

. Champion of Spain in teams of Second Category in 2014 as part of the club Jaime Casas.

. Champion of Spain in teams of first Category in the year 2015 as part of the club Jaime Casas.

. Fourth place in the individual Spain championship in 2010, the strongest in our history.

. Champion of the important tournament "IV Trophy Ciudad de Zaragoza" in 2008.

. Champion of innumerable Tournaments of blitz chess and rapid chess throughout his long career.

Here you can enjoy a sample of his skill

                            Nice Combination

                            Nice ending